Including Men

Including Men provides proven, cost effective ways of including men in services.

Our work is about building healthy communities. In doing so we can no longer ignore the impact of health inequalities which mean men die earlier, are more likely to take their own lives and are less likely to access preventative /early healthcare whilst at the same time thousands of children and families are deprived of the positive support that healthy family men can bring and increasingly reliant on overstretched public services.

The underpinning principles of the Including Men  approach are that fathers and men should be supported:

  • in their roles as caregivers and to understand the developmental needs of their children
  • to develop and maintain positive cooperative relationships with the mother(s) of their children.
  • to develop their own support networks.
  • to find work, training for work or learning opportunities.
  • to have access to gender differentiated support services, particularly in times of exceptional stress.

Including Men brings together leading, practice based, experts on father and male inclusion in the UK to provide training and strategic support and resources to health, social care, early years, learning and family services. If you would like to know more about Including Men and how we can help you to improve service outcomes and efficiency you can contact me or a member of my team directly. Roger Olley MBE. RHV. RGN (Retired).

Our  publication: Engaging Fathers in the Early Years - A Practitioner's Guide is now available to order online.

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